Towing Your Trailer Tent

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One of the best features of trailer tents is that they are easy to tow behind your vehicle. They are specifically designed to make things easier for you. Most are made from lightweight materials, and even the trailer is fairly light as well. Even weight distribution helps to prevent the trailer from moving about whilst being towed, keeping you more safe and secure.

Larger wheels will also help to balance things out, and make the ride much smoother. All trailer tents come with a spare wheel and a jockey wheel, which enables you to position the trailer once you get to your destination. Another benefit is that they have a much lower profile than a caravan or folding camper, and this gives very good visibility to the rear, so reversing is much easier to do.

Good suspension also gives a more comfortable ride, and the more modern trailers come equipped with advanced suspension systems that reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. This also means you will get more durability and reduces the servicing needs, which helps to drive down the costs involved with camping over the years. This is why they are becoming more popular with many travellers, they are cost efficient and easy to maintain.

Because they are relatively small in size, you can store them in your garage and keep them protected from the weather. Even if you don't have a garage or a dry storage option, the materials they are made from are usually plastic or fiberglass, which will not show signs of fading and wear. In essence, a good quality trailer should last for many years, and there is always the option of selling on if you need to upgrade to a different model.

Always keep a close eye on the tyre pressures, both of the trailer and your vehicle. The weight of towing adds more strain on the tyres, which can lose pressure after a long journey. This can result in higher fuel consumption, so be sure to maintain the recommended pressures at all times. There are many portable pressure checkers that are inexpensive, and could save you a lot of money.

Allow more time for breaking and keep your distance from other cars and vehicles due to the extra weight and forces exerted from towing the weight. Keep to the speed limit at all times, and most importantly, allow some extra time to reach your destination. Taking your time will reduce stress and you will arrive feeling much better than if you are rushing around.

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Towing Your Trailer Tent

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This article was published on 2010/03/27